Languages: English and Spanish

  • TV / Radio Commercials  
  • DJ Drops 
  • Video Games 
  • Animated content including character voices 
  • Podcast intro
  • Audiobook Narration 
  • Phone System + IVR 
  • E-Learning  
  • Announcer + Promos 
  • Dubbing / ADR 
  • Tutorial 
  • more!

I am a touring recording artist with 15+ years performance experience and 8+ years voice over experience. I have done voice over for big corporations like K-Mart and Dodge, and smaller businesses like iBox and Scified. I also have experience with animated voice over. My style is vast and my recording capabilities are ideal, even while on the road. I speak 3 languages including English, Spanish, and Farsi. I am also able to provide music production.